Neck Pain

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    A TMJ disorder or Temporomandibular joint disorder is a very difficult and elusive condition recognized by the medical community. The standard treatment of this condition is quite complex, and requires a lot of care. Unfortunately, it can be very hard to detect TMJ syndrome, and therefore, it may be left untreated.

    In most patients, TMJ disorders can lead to headaches, neck pain, dizziness, shoulder pain, earaches and other such problems. Medical Doctors and other health professionals may spend a lot of time treating the symptoms without understanding the underlying cause of the problem.

    Many patients keep spending a lot of their money on inappropriate therapy, and don’t experience any positive results. It is difficult and complex to properly diagnose a TMJ disorder, and thus, you need to seek the help of a highly qualified and reputed health professional.

    If you want to eliminate various symptoms of TMJ syndrome, you need to focus on a combination of therapies and take an integrated approach towards your treatment plan. A TMJ disorder can be one of the major causes of neck pain.

    What are the Symptoms?

    Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome can cause severe joint pain. It occurs when your disc has been displaced. It can also occur when the surrounding muscles and tendons have been inflamed. Some of the most common symptoms of TMJ syndrome include :

    ● Severe pain in your neck or head

    ● Inability to properly close or open your mouth

    ● A grinding or clenching sound when you open or close the mouth

    TMJ Disorder – How Does It Cause Neck Pain?

    If you take an uneven bite, the jaws don’t remain in a centered, balanced position. In an uneven bite, only some of your teeth touch the food. In order to bite, swallow or chew food completely, the jaw has to tip. This causes the muscles to stress and overwork. It can lead to some severe damage to your jaw joints connected with the neck and head area. This, in part, can cause neck pain.

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