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    Understanding Facial Pain

    Craniofacial pain, a condition that generally affect the head, face, and neck, can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life. At the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of the Greater Toronto Area, we are committed to providing specialized care for those experiencing facial pain, assisting them in finding relief and regaining their well-being.

    How We Treat Facial Pain:

    • Precision Diagnosis: Our approach begins with a thorough and precise diagnosis to identify the root causes of your TMJ-related pain. Through advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, we aim to understand the unique aspects of your condition.

    • Individualized Treatment Plans: Every individual is unique, and so are their pain experiences. Our team crafts personalized treatment plans that target the specific factors contributing to your TMJ-related pain. From conservative measures to advanced therapies, we prioritize your comfort and well-being.

    • Non-Invasive Therapies: We emphasize non-invasive approaches to pain relief, including physical therapy, jaw exercises, and lifestyle modifications. These strategies aim to enhance jaw function, alleviate discomfort, and promote overall well-being without the need for surgical intervention.

    • Oral Appliance Therapy: For many individuals with TMJ-related pain, oral appliance therapy can be a highly effective and non-invasive solution. These custom devices are designed to optimize jaw alignment and reduce tension, providing relief from pain and improving overall jaw function.

    • Patient Education and Empowerment: Understanding your condition is crucial for effective pain management. We are committed to educating our patients about TMJ disorders, pain triggers, and self-care techniques to empower you in taking an active role in your pain relief journey.

    Our Commitment to Quality Care:

    Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Goodfellow, brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ-related pain, ensuring that you receive care from seasoned professionals. Our approach to pain relief is marked by a comprehensive perspective, addressing not only the symptoms but also delving into the underlying factors contributing to your discomfort.

    Employing cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices, we stay at the forefront of advancements in pain relief for TMJ disorders, offering you the latest and most effective solutions. Above all, we prioritize your comfort and well-being, embodying a patient-centric ethos that aims to create a supportive and compassionate environment throughout your pain relief journey.

    TMJ Facial Pain

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    Julia Daley

    5.0 ★★★★★

    Dr. Goodfellow helped me immensely with all of my TMJ and sleep problems. He always explained every part of my treatment in detail so we were always at the same level of understanding. His staff was extremely kind and always accommodating of my needs. One of the best clinics and most pleasant experiences I have had when getting a medical treatment!


    5.0 ★★★★★

    If you have TMJ issues and headaches, go to Dr Goodfellow! I have suffered from migraines, jaw locking and clicking, aches, etc; after my treatment with Dr Goodfellow and his team, my jaw doesn’t lock and click anymore and I can open my mouth wide again with no pain! My headaches have decreased too. very happy, thank you 🙂

    Angela Di Benedetto

    5.0 ★★★★★

    I’ve suffered so long with headaches, jaw pain, tinnitus and severe fatigue and was so great full to have meet Dr. Goodfellow and his amazing staff, they are beyond knowledgeable and I finally no longer suffer with pain.