Children And Sleep Issues

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    Children And Sleep Issues

    Richard Goodfellow here again.

    I would like a quick word with you about children and sleep.

    We often overlook or expect our kids to sleep well. But often, they don’t.

    Have a look down their throat. Look at their tonsils. Make sure the nose is clear.

    They tend to get a little inflamed when they sleep.

    We want our kids breathing through their nose while they are sleeping.

    These days can be a little tense so if you catch your kids grinding their teeth while they are sleeping, it’s got more to do with an airway than anything else that is going on.

    So, look down the throat and look at the tonsils. Make sure the nose is working. That would be the first steps.

    Also, speak to your dentist. Speak to your doctor.

    But if there are issues about attention, bed-wetting, snoring, grinding the teeth, you need to know that little kids should not be doing that at all.

    Neither should big kids, but especially little kids.

    Feel free to contact me anytime. I am happy to help.