Something to consider regarding snoring and sleep apnea

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    Women have an important role to play on behalf of the husbands or men in their life who may be snoring, not sleeping well, having headaches, neck aches or back aches. Since men are asleep when they snore or stop breathing for short periods during sleep (sleep apnea), it is the woman in a relationship who may be better able to notice these issues with a man.

    What is not commonly known is these concerns may be related to the jaw and it’s alignment.

    Sleep and breathing issues such as snoring and stopping breathing during the night may contribute to head and neck pain as well as to jaw related issues.

    This is an inflammatory issue. Strokes, heart attacks and type 2 diabetes can be linked to sleep disordered breathing as well.

    It is all in the literature.

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    More information about sleep apnea is here or click on snoring for more information about that issue.

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