Tip For Fatigue and Sleep Problems

    For Patients

    I’m Dr. Richard Goodfellow.

    I have an office that is completely dedicated TMJ and jaw problems, headaches and sleep/breathing disorders.

    I would like to talk about one particular topic right now which is fatigue and/or sleep problems.

    This often happens in females between 25 and 60 years of age, where everything else is going fine but they are just tired all the time.

    Often it is a sleep and/or breathing problem.

    If you interrupt sleep (sleep has a shape and architecture), you interrupt hormones.

    If you interrupt the flow of hormones, you interrupt almost everything – appetite, digestion, growth, healing, and so on.

    With kids, it is a growth issue.

    For adults, it is a healing and maintenance issue.

    It could affect appetite, weight loss, and of course, how you feel.

    Here’s a tip:

    Have a look at your nose. Notice how you are breathing through your nose. Do anything you can when you go to sleep to open up your nose such as using “breathing strips”, nasal spray etc. Then see how you feel over the next week when you breathe through your nose better.

    If you have any other questions or if you want more tips, especially about sleep apnea or snroing, look around my website.

    I’m happy to help.